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Ridiculous, at best.

Posted in Film Score Composition, Loukusisms, Projects on April 26, 2007 by ephisus

It’s strange, the things we can become attached to. This particular thing, for me, is hard to reconcile in certain ways.


Let me preface, saying that I have very little interest in 80’s culture, or indeed, mostly anything post 1950’s, aside from advances in filmmaking.

That said, I have a ridiculous attachment to the music of what basically amounts to a Christian Hair band. Stood next to my other interests… Very serious, dramatic and often abstract films, Shakespeare, Classical music, This kind of fare… well, it sticks out a little.

I don’t know that this can merely be attributed to youthful attachment– there were a great number of other artists– artists that I enjoyed much more from my parent’s library of music, which I would not listen to with such regularity today.

— Petra does not even have a vague gothic appeal that would align with my interests in period pieces and classical styles. These guys are wearing sweat bands… not Shakespearean Ruffs.

Highly Irregular.

I’ve been meaning to do a tribute… a fan edit synching Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ Footage with Petra’s Track “It is Finished”… and allow it to leak around a little on the internet.

Looking at the concept though, i get the impression that only someone like me, with this crazy out-of-suit fascination that just happens to fall where it does, would get any real enjoyment out of it.



That Man Hath Much Music in Himself

Posted in Film Score Composition on April 17, 2007 by ephisus

I’ve loved Jesper Kyd‘s sound for years now, my first noteworthy editing project was for my boy scout troop back in 2003, and I used more than one track from him to set the moods.

Psuedo-wasting time on Wikipedia today, I learned that he is responsible for more video game scores than I had been aware of, including a game called “Freedom Fighters”… a real time strategy that I have almost no interest in, but sought out the music for many years ago when it was released, drawn by the dark electronics meshed with moody choral.

His other scores (notably the Hitman games) of interest are a wonderful mesh of powerful strings and ethnic sounds, even huge choral pieces that found a place on my playlist next to the likes of Carmina Burana, ‘O Fortuna’ and James Horner’s “Charging Fort Wagner”. It’s that good.

I thought, then, that Jesper Kyd was too good for video games, though the line between film and gaming continues to slowly disappear, and his style and energy have found a strong market in the gaming industry.

Now, though, in the knowledge that ‘Freedom Fighters’, which has been described aptly as a very pumped up, dramatic, epic, Vangelis sound (vastly different from his hitman scores); is in his list of credits, I don’t think there exists a composer as effectively prolific and capable of such a broad range of emotions and flavors, in video gaming or film, today.

The man is also slated to score ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’, which, in spite of having largely fallen away from my gaming hobby, and in spite of dubious subject matter, I am eagerly awaiting….

In any case, it should be a wonderful mix of Kyd’s work to date, a score that should be rife with dark, religious overtones, and subtle action ques, and expansive ambiance, and healthy dose of choral goodness.

Also, with Luc Besson producing a hitman film for release next year, and Jesper Kyd appropriately slated to score it, I’m predicting that he will catch the eye of big budget filmmakers, and will easily top the kind of semipassable ripoff crap that we’re getting from the likes of Tyler Bates.

I hope Jesper Kyd goes far. I hope I go far and can work with him someday.